Happily Serviced Clients in 30033 - Decatur, GA

30033 - Decatur

Here's Thurman Cary next to his Lennox 93% efficiency furnace, 14 S.E.E.R Air Conditioning system with enhanced filtration. Comfortman installed this unit in September of 2009. Rumor has it, Mr. Cary broke into a impromptu interpretive dance after this system was installed...

Ken and Pam Shippey are breathing a sigh of relief after Comfortman installed this Ruud, 95% efficiency furnace, 13 S.E.E.R Air conditioning system with enhanced filtration in August of 2009.

Jan 2009, Evelyn Brewer was so happy with her new system her family had to cajole her from the attic. We installed a Lennox 93% efficiency furnace matched with a RUUD 13 S.E.E.R. air conditioning system plus enhanced filtration.

Prior to removal, Comfortman. employee Ben Diones (C.E.) stand beside John Rinker's 40+ year old furnace.

John Rinker (M.E.) stands beside the indoor tansformation of his dinosaur heating system to a new 95% efficiency heating system.

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